Quebec Property


The Quebec project is comprised of 2 joint ventures. Metalex has a 75% contributing interest in various claims for the exploration of diamonds and a 79% contributing interest in various claims for the exploration of gold and base metals.


  • One of the deepest parts of the lithospehere
  • Diamond fertile Superior Archaen Craton approximately midway between 2 commercial grade deposits (Attawapiskat and Renard)
  • Kimberlite discover at Wemindji
  • Government aeromagnetics available
  • Anomalous gold concentrations found in more than 400 samples along with copper and uranium anomalies.


  • Anomalies secured by staking
  • 1068 reconaissance samples collected and analyzed
  • 74 exceptionally anomalous (7,000-66,000 ppb) gold
  • 17 strongly anomalous (120-374 ppm) copper
  • strongly anomalous (121-2,870 ppm) uranium along with anomalous concentrations of 24 other elements found in the reconnaissance samples
  • March 2008 announced discovery of a diamond bearing conglomerate. The conglomerate appears to extend for four kilometres along strike and is up to 500 meters wide. 772 claims have been staked covering 39,472 hectares. One hundred and eleven samples collected from the conglomerate totalling kilograms have been processed and fifty four of these samples contained a total of 1,717 diamonds. One hundred and six rare purple diamonds were amongst these diamonds recovered. In the sampling completed to date the Ekomiak V conglomerate appears to have the greatest potential with 1,672 diamonds being recovered from 923 kilograms.  Autogenous milling of selected conglomerate samples recovered diamond and kimberlite indicator minerals including olivine, chromite, picroilmenite, clinopyroxenes, pyrope and eclogitic garnets.


  • more detailed sampling of the diamond bearing conglomerates
  • exploration for the primary kimberlite sources of the diamonds
  • follow up of anomalous gold, copper and uranium values


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